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How Did The Big Bang Theory End?

After 12 seasons, an ungodly amount of takeout, graphic tees, and scientific references that zoomed straight over our heads, The Big Bang Theory is finally at an end. The long-running sitcom wrapped up on Thursday night with its emotional series finale, which provided a fitting end for all of its major characters. Curious about who ends up where? Their fates are ahead, so consider this your obligatory spoiler warning! Source link [page_popup id=”1″]

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OPEN ME ☺️ Today on RV Life | Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to subscribe to see more adventures! We post Monday-Friday and live full time in our rv! Hope to see you next time and don’t forget to comment and thumbs up! SOCIAL MEDIAS FACEBOOK | Kali’s INSTAGRAM | KALI”S BEAUTY CHANNEL | OUR STORY | HOW THE FREEDOM THEORY CAME TO BE THE VIDEO | Josh and I had a crazy 2014. We both has health issues come up that really limited our mobility.…

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Who Will Kill Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones?

  Just when we think we’ve predicted all of the twists on Game of Thrones, the fandom has a way of surprising us with new details that turn our theories on their heads. Case in point: Cersei Lannister’s prophecy, which we’ve always assumed spelled murder at the hands of her brothers Jaime or Tyrion. However, one passionate Redditor sees the prediction differently. According to their theory, “When your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar [Valyrian for ‘the little brother’] shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke…

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Israeli police investigate PM Netanyahu over corruption allegations — RT News

Israeliauthorities have actually examined Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over graft accusations, hrs after the head of state rejected accusations of any type of misbehaviors. Reada lot more Netanyahuwas examined at his house by a group of private investigators on Monday night, the Haaretz paperreports The examining comes amidst a probe accredited by Attorney-GeneralAvichai Mandelblit, that after accessing initial proof, determined there sufficed extent for a major query. Accordingto Haaretz, authorities had actually been pursuing days to discover a convenience to concern Netanyahu. Thisinvestigation consists of 2 different situations versus the…

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