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41 Of The Sexiest Movie Scenes That Have Absolutely Zero Sex In Them

There’s this scene in the end where she finally kisses the guy and it’s an intense and super cute moment, with nothing sexual. Kisses everywhere, on the neck, forehead, cheeks, nose, everywhere BUT the lips. I think that’s what makes it special for me, you don’t need to show a French kiss (omg the movie is French, I just realized it) or sex on screen to tell the world there’s passion and a crazy, sweet love between the characters.—matyc Source link

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Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest Talk About Working Together on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway hung out with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest as they kicked off their first full season together on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Kelly said, “It feels like we’ve worked together our whole lives.” Ryan agreed, saying, “It’s so fun. Every day… after the hour goes by, we walk into the back and go, ‘Jeez, that was fun,’ and we get to do it again the next day.” “Live with Kelly and Ryan” airs on ABC. Source link

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American Horror Story: Cult Premiere Recap

them turning up in his community. Is Kai behind the team of homicidal clowns? Is everything in Ally’s head? And just what the heck is the manage Winter Anderson (BillieLourde)? We assume she’s Kai’s sibling, yet she’s a determined Hillary Clinton advocate, so their entire dynamic is very unusual. We’re currently frightened for episode 2, yet we have to review just what has actually currently dropped. Source link

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