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Organic Millet Cake Recipe – Millet Mistake Cakes – Tasty Tuesday

Oops! I flopped an entire pot of millet. Now what to do? Make Millet error cakes! Getthe complete dish right here: www.colorfulcanary.com/2012/10/ tasty-tuesday-millet-mistake-cakes. html. Followme: www.colorfulcanary.com. Votedamong the top 25 Green blog owners for2012 Pinterest: pinterest.com/colorfulcanary. Twitter: twitter.com/ColorfulCanary. Facebook: www.facebook.com/colorfulcanary. Google+: plus.google.com/117241184200251556646/ articles. ♥ ♥ ♥. source

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‘Confirmed evidence’ US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria — RT News

TurkishPresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan has actually stated “it’s extremely clear” that the US-led union is sustaining terrorist teams in Syria, Islamic State (IS, additionally called ISIS/ISIL) amongst them. “Theyprovide assistance to terrorist teams consisting of Daesh (Arabicfor IS),” Erdogan stated. Sayingthat the United States have actually implicated Turkey of sustaining IS, talking at an interview on Tuesday the Turkish leader criticized the US-led union for aiding terrorists themselves. Apartfrom IS, he additionally discussed Kurdish People’s Protection Units in north Syria (YPG) and also Democratic Union Party (PYD) as teams sustained…

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