Ab Workouts 

20 Minute Oblique & Ab Workout – Trim, Tone, and Sculpt Your Waistline! Beginner Friendly

Track your heart rate and calories burned- Apple Watch series 2 (rose gold) amzn.to/2TetfQw Newest series Apple Watch Rose Gold – amzn.to/2QN6cLa My favorite running shoes, New Balance Fresh Foam: amzn.to/2JhJZ39 My favorite Lululemon 7/8 pants: goo.gl/c59MbX Tank: Etsy Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat (great quality, mid-high price): goo.gl/8CMsSS Trim, tone and sculpt your waistline with this 20 minute abdominal workout! The primary focus is the obliques- the sides of the waistline! Designed for all levels, even beginners! Dumbbells recommended, but not required. Options and modifications available throughout the workout.…

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Butt Workouts 

Yoga Butt Workout: Sadie Nardini- BeFit Yoga

Yoga Butt Workout with Sadie Nardini from BeFit Yoga is a powerful target-toning lower body Yoga exercise that is designed to burn fat, lift and shape the butt, tighten the inner and outer thighs, and sculpt defined abs and arms. Increase flexibility and find your balance through the power of Yoga with World-Renowned Yoga Instructor, Sadie Nardini as she takes you through this fiery sequence that features some of her favorite poses to craft a shapely booty and lean lower half. Slim your waistline and say goodbye to those extra…

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