http://bradscottfitness.com This is among my house fat loss exercises and also leg gun exercises. You could do this exercise regular regarding 3 times a week to shed tummy fat and also reinforce your legs. I utilize a knapsack heavy with around 40 extra pounds for the weight. That is all you will certainly require for devices.

Ifyou like my exercise songs I made to support this video clip please allow me understand. I am examining it out with you individuals to see just how you like it.


1 – 20 air bows.
2 – 20 lunges.
3 – 20 side lunges.
4 – high knees for 1 min.
5 – 20 air bows.
6 – 20 lunges.
7 – sprints.
8 – 2 collections of 10 burpees.

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