Explosive Female Leg Shredding Workout – Glutes, Quads and Calves


Wellki: Lifestyle. Health. Community. For a detailed look at this workout, click on our WORKOUTS page: http://www.wellki.com/fitness/library/workouts/item/99-workouts-legs-muscle-madness The Wellki Fat Burning Workouts are exercise videos devoted to creating higher intensity weight training workouts. Each video will focus on a workout to boost weight loss through fast-paced, fat burning routines that will both strengthen and shape the specific muscles featured. The focus of this video is an explosive routine for the legs. In regards to the circuit style of both workouts, you will perform one set of each exercise in a circuit, then move on to the next one. When finished with any of the three-exercise circuits of either workout, go back to the beginning and repeat from the top. Only allow yourself 30-60 seconds of rest between exercises. These are workouts designed to be fast moving, in order to get a cardio/fat burning benefit. Be sure to pay close attention to this timing, because any more time spent diminishes the fat burning aspect of the workout. Between each circuit, you may take one to two minutes of rest to recover, before repeating the entire circuit. The beauty of these workouts is that they do not rely on free weights or machines to be effective. You may choose to use weights for any exercise if you’d like, but in the event that you’re away from the gym or traveling, these workouts keep it simple — your job is simply to bring the effort, energy, and hard work to every exercise. Circuit 1 3 Total Sets Goblet Squats 15 Reps Reverse Lunges 10 Reps each leg (20 total) Sumo-Style Jump Squats 15 Reps Circuit 2 3 Total Sets Bench Jumps 10 Reps Side Lunges 10 Reps each leg (20 total) Bulgarian Split Squats 10 Reps each leg (20 total) Burnout 2 Sets 10 Burpees 3 Sets of :30 each Battle Ropes – Alternating Arm Waves – Dual Arm Waves – Snake Waves For all other workouts, click on the Workouts Home Page: http://www.wellki.com/fitness/library/workouts WELLKI: http://wellki.com/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/WellkiHealth FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Wellki PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/wellki/

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