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Leg workout using dumbbells | Home workout


I did my normal leg routine and thought I would add in some exercises using dumbbells only as I know some people don’t like to venture straight into the weights area & these do still make you feel the burn!

Straight leg deadlifts – 3×10
Walking lunges – 3×10-12 (I normally do 8 to 10 and go straight again so in total 16-20)
Squats – 3×10 (or goblet/sumo)
Squat jumps – 3×10-15 (so annoying I counted wrong and only did 9 lol)
Frog jumps – 3×10-15
Stairmaster using dumbbells – I finished off my leg day with 5 mins on this

I didn’t manage to film but also include split lunges (3×10), if you don’t have a stair master you can also do the treadmill and turn up the incline.
Also another exercise is kick back walking lunges you can add in.

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