1 MIN WORKOUT and SIMPLE NUTRITION (Food & Talk) l 1분 운동 & 간편한 단백질 보충 - Leggings Are Pants

1 MIN WORKOUT and SIMPLE NUTRITION (Food & Talk) l 1분 운동 & 간편한 단백질 보충


In the past six months, allblanc tv has been preparing a new series [NEW SERIES ALLBLANC TV FOOD&WORKOUT] In the future, the content of combining cooking and sports will be prepared with everyone [NEW SERIES ALLBLANC TV FOOD&WORKOUT] The first time is decorated by Louis Come, I will share with you today how to supplement protein This is now a popular product in Korea Don’t you usually cook raw chicken in foreign countries? But this product is simple (method of production) and tastes good [First, let’s exercise together within 1 minute of turning the microwave oven! 】 Uh, it has a delicious Indian roast chicken aroma It’s all exercise when it comes to eating! Protein must be added within 1 hour after exercise So let’s try the chicken breast that I prepared today The most popular chicken breast in Korea recently I heard this is very soft It’s really delicious, I have tasted it, I only ate this recently Really? I boiled raw chicken for eating, so I don’t want to eat it (chicken breast) and I smashed it up I eat like that But this is said to be very delicious Um, come and taste Um, because the fragrance is good Doesn’t it feel very soft? Normally (chicken breast) is dry, but this is not burdensome, really It’s a new world! The most important thing is to supplement within 1 hour after exercise Wow, this is really cooking~ Brother tastes I have tasted this in an Indian restaurant Recently, our channel is also watched by many Indian subscribers -It’s Indian cuisine, right? Indian roast chicken itself-well, Indian curry Um, is this chicken breast made of Indian flavor? South Korea has this (convention), diet food or this kind of chicken breast should be eaten quickly This is more developed and the taste is more diverse But if you listen to it abroad It is said that there are not many such products So use raw chicken? Well, this is (not much) in itself, you have to go to the mall to buy raw chicken and make it It’s called MEAL PREP in advance, and it’s made 1 week in advance.

South Korea is better Really convenient It’s not just talking, it’s really the tenderest chicken breast I’ve ever eaten Ah, really great Really I don’t like chicken breasts, it’s very dry and unpalatable And it’s not easy to swallow and the taste is not good, but this one feels really tender, like eating chicken thigh Ah that’s the feeling, I took it with me when I was on a business trip How many episodes of sports videos does Louis (in Barcelona) plan to make this time? 3 episodes Mark is VLOG I am the “Weekly Meeting” series I am BRIFLIX BRIFLIX, BRIFLIX that is being pushed recently It is said to be more popular than NETFLIX I am the subscribers in this message are curious about the law of skin care So I plan to reveal the secret weapon of skin care The most among the many comments we got when uploading sports videos It is related to eating, and skin care! Because Korean cosmetics are more famous, it should be more interesting to see Maybe it’s because the members have good skins, so I’m curious about that Is it good? So let’s analyze it all at the weekly meeting No, it needs to be resolved in BRIFLIX I think it will be competition Louis has finished eating When I saw it just now, I felt that the amount is quite small, but it feels quite a lot compared to 100g.


This ordinary pack is 100g The overall weight is 100g and the protein is 22g Are there really many I want to try it like cooking videos in the future Want to try As for us, there are actually not many left over 1 million subscribers Suddenly there was that kind of thought, when we started uploading sports videos Communication is based on sports, but it is not very good at actual dialogue There was not much conversation at the beginning Since we are now 1 million, everyone likes videos and channels, so we hope to make everyone curious Untie them one by one, just get closer to each other So I personally have more conversations when making videos, or it may be unilateral It is also possible that (both parties) are communicating, and there is a desire to bring more fun to everyone When we started, we didn’t expect to reach 1 million subscribers so quickly. I really appreciate it. Going back to Barcelona, ​​we need to generate a turning point through other new content production Let’s show you how we continue to get closer and closer to our subscribers.

Because Louis really eats very well and delicious I prepared it, everyone ate very well, I think thank you very much, I will make it for you often This only needs a microwave oven! Anyway, go on a business trip and shoot a lot of content Come everyone, then see you in Barcelona, ​​bye!

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