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Medical Minute: Spine Health

Spine Health

This medical minute is brought to you by Florida Hospital Volusia Flagler with medical information that’s important to you,  Hello I’m Dr. Robert Martin here at Florida Hospital memorial medical center.  I’m a neurosurgeon and I’m here to talk about spine health.  Eighty percent of the population will have an episode of low back or neck pain in their lifetime.  Red flags that indicate that this may be a more serious condition.  Generally most back pain will resolve within two weeks time.

If it begins radiating down your legs or down your arm (indicating perhaps a pinched nerve) patients should seek earlier medical attention, rather than just trying to ride it out.  If they have a history of cancer, recent trauma, neurological symptoms (such as a weakness in their arms or legs), or if they have difficulty with her bowel or bladder, they should seek a medical professional ASAP.  Severe cases of spinal/nerve damage will often result in a hospital patient stay.

cervical spine

Common Spinal Health Issues

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain

Muscle Strain

Stiff Neck


Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

Slipped Disc

Poor Posture

Joint Pain

Common Treatments for Spinal Issues


Therapeutic Lumbar Treatment

Exercise and Physical Activity

Healthy Diet and Nutrition Regimen

Bone Care and Mineral Supplements

Spinal Stenosis

This medical minute is brought to you by Florida Hospital Volusia Flagler.  To learn more, click here.

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