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Organic Food 

4 Myths about Organic Food | Healthy Food

4 Myths about Organic Food

Here are four main myths about organic foods.

It’s healthy.

It tastes better.

It’s fresh.

You are supporting small farmers or small companies.

Organic food may not be healthy for you. You can buy organic snacks filled with organic sugar in packages that are not really good for you. They can have too much sugar, too much salt. They can be very refined. So just because it is organic doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

The next myth is that it’s going to taste better. We’re not really sure if organic food always tastes better. Sometimes a food might not be fresh. It might be shipped in from half way around the globe from an organic farm in another hemisphere. That means it’s been on a boat or a plane for a very long time and it’s not really fresh, so it is not going to taste as good. You may have an idea that some fruits and vegetables are safer to eat organic.  It’s more important to buy them organic and that’s very true.

There are certain fruits and vegetable that you should really buy organic, if you have the choice. Those are things like apples, and stone fruit and peaches as well as berries. Those are really important. Celery, kale those are important to buy organic because they’re usually sprayed with lot more pestolized chemicals and fertilizers. If you want to make sure  when you are going to the grocery store that you’re making the best choice as to what to buy organic and may be save a little money on some foods that don’t need to be purchased organically, go to the Environmental Working Group, look up online the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen list. These are great resources. They’ll show you the top 12 fruits and vegetables
that you should always buy organic and then the 15 that aren’t as important. You can buy them conventionally raised and
save yourself a little money.

organic food

Finally you might think that by buying organic you are supporting small farms and small companies.  A lot of large agricultural companies
are buying up smaller organic companies and organic farms. So the small farmers really don’t play as much of a part in it anymore. Consequently,  your dollars may not be going to supporting smaller farms.  You can support small organic farms by going to your local farmers’ market
on a regular basis or just getting to know where your food comes from. If you buy something locally, you are going to be supporting a small organic farmer and it’s going to be fresher and is probably going to taste better that way as well.

The 4 myths about organic food is just food for thought.  Make the best decisions that you can when it comes to what you put into your body.

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