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On This Page Exercise & Fitness More on Weight Loss Download Women Fitness App The 10 Best Exercises for Women The Best Workouts for Women All Workouts For Women Muscle & Fitness Hers Exercise & Fitness for Women Love fitness for women as well as fashion? Classy activewear has actually become an important wardrobe staple. Be perfectly trendy whether you’re at the health club, out for a run, or at a yoga session. Putting on the appropriate workout gear is beneficial to make exercising even comfier. We have a vast…

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best upper bicep workout

Phil! You asked for it, you got it buddy!! This is my advice to you, as to how to work on hitting the upper head of your tiny biceps 🙂 Take note at the 2:47 mark, I said something sweet to ya! lol But really, try this workout, and really focus on using light weight to get the form down. with love, KOrtney source

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