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Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

Ketogenic Diet What the heck is ketogenic diet?  Quickly lose weight?  That is the benefit. Speciate your appetite, ketosis butter is good. Explain yourself. High fat or low fat diet?  The ketogenic diet, let’s break down what all this hype is about. I’m gonna tell you what it is briefly, how it works and discuss some of the claims that are most commonly made on the subject. Let’s get started before we get into the ketogenic diet, let’s break down some very simple nutrition basics. There are three major macronutrient…

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How to Start a Keto Diet

How to Start a Keto Diet So you are ready to adapt to a ketogenic diet to lose weight and improve your health.  You have come to the right place.  Making any great lifestyle or diet changes can be a challenge especially at first.  There are a lot of new learning procedures, and old habits to give up.  We have seen again and again with people that over time Keto becomes new and normal. First,  let’s Determine what a keto diet is.  Simply put,  Keto is a high-low-to-moderate low-carb diet. …

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