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The shocking truth about your health Nutrition + Wellness 

The shocking truth about your health Lissa Rankin TEDx

The Shocking Truth About Your Health What’s the most important part of your health, What do you think Is it eating a balanced, mostly plant-based diet, balancing your hormones daily exercise getting enough sleep? What do you guys think Taking your vitamins, seeing your doctor for regular check ups. These things might all seem like important, even critical factors to living a healthy life. But what if I told you that caring for your body was the least important part of the shocking truth about your health. Take vitamins and…

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Weight Loss 

Why We must stop ignoring the psychology of weight loss: Alisa Anokhina at TEDxUCL

We must stop ignoring the psychology of weight loss So we’ve just had a talk about nourishing the soul. So I think it’s fitting that I now talk about nourishing the body. So, in particular, I want to talk to you about a sentence which you might have said yourself at some point or you’ve heard someone else say. And the sentence is this: “Losing weight is easy, just eat less and exercise more.” And you see this in the media a lot. So, it’ll come up as a sarcastic…

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The Virtues of Gossip: Richard Weiner at TEDxMiami

The Virtues of Gossip I have some gossips to tell you. If you love gossip, raise your hand.  Excellent!  I am here to discuss the virtues of gossip.  Do you think most gossip is nonsense? Do you think gossip is an original sin? Do you think gossip is harmful and hostile? Do you think the subject of gossip is mostly celebrities?   If your answer is yes, I will wait to destroy the common myths about gossip. Yes i know the main religions both prohibit or discourage gossip. Paradoxically, almost everyone…

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