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Small Spaces, Big Furniture Hacks – the Best Ikea Pieces to Give Your Living Room the Storage It Needs

Whether you live in a small apartment, a crammed condo, or any place that doesn’t offer you the right amount of space for your living needs, we get it. Somehow, there never seems to be enough room for your everyday living basics. Under-the-bed storage compartments and creative pantry space savers come to the rescue for small bedroom quarters and tiny kitchen areas, but what about the daunting living room? Couches, coffee tables, TV stands, and other large furniture pieces take up much-needed space, leaving you with little room to work…

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Soap Opera-Style Furniture Ads : ikea commercial

The Latest IKEA Commercial Pokes Fun at Soap Opera Programming Due to the incredibly expressive and excessively dramatic nature of soap operas, the genre lends itself as a vehicle for clever humorous spoofs and this is exactly what the latest IKEA commercial seeks to achieve. The furniture megastore has a distinct style of marketing which often borders on minimalism, as well as it engages inter-familial dynamics which is not a surprise given that a big portion of IKEA products goes toward family homes. In partnership with advertising agency Memac Ogilvy,…

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Self-Care Textile Collections – IKEA's TÄNKVÄRD Collection Fuses Scandinavian & Japanese Design (TrendHunter.com)

(TrendHunter.com) This spring, IKEA is introducing TÄNKVÄRD as a tactile collection of natural materials and fibers, like linen and rattan. All of the pieces are made to look as if they already have a slight patina… Source link

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