5 Fantastic New Cookbooks to Check Out for Fall (Comfort Food, Plant-Based Cooking, and More!)

5 Fantastic New Cookbooks iStock/koldunova Looking for inspiration in your fall kitchen? Then we’ve got just the thing. These five new cookbooks are filled with healthful, delicious recipes perfect for cooler weather. Whether you’re in the mood for plant-based recipes, sustainable seafood, or classic comfort food, we’ve got the book for you. 1. “Souping is the New Juicing,” by Cherie Calbom There’s maybe nothing that says fall more loudly than soup. “Souping is the New Juicing” is the newest book from best-selling author and nutrition authority Cherie Calbom, M.S., featuring a host…

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This remote island in the South Pacific is covered in 18 tons of our trash

  Traveling by ship, it takes about 13 days to reach Henderson Island from New Zealand. Hidden in the South Pacific, 3000 miles from anywhere, this UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Pitcairns is “one of the most pristine islands left in the world, never inhabited by humans, rarely visited even for research purposes,” says Jennifer Lavers. After she and her colleagues disembarked on Henderson Island in May 2015 to do some ecology research, they didn’t see another ship until they got picked up at the end of August. But…

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Leggings and Yoga Pants 


extremely lengthy (36″” inseam) straight leg cut. metal. reduced waisted. elasiticzed waistline. strechy light-weight product, providing you breaking tight, glossy plastic-like (kinda resembles damp dolphin skin) appearance. these are terrific alternative to natural leather trousers for rockers. (offered at EBAY: Postedby Refuse to be Usual on 2008-01-0300: 16: 54 Tagged:, cobalt blue, dark blue, sea, hysteric, Cigarette Pants, strechy textile, robotic, cyber, city, road style, RTBU, glimmer, steel, spandex, dancing, yogo, phase, outfit, skin tight, slim legs, long trousers, natural leather trousers, leggings, 80’s, rocker, punk, rock, straight leg,…

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