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5 Fantastic New Cookbooks to Check Out for Fall (Comfort Food, Plant-Based Cooking, and More!)

…simple solution for everyone who is committed to healthful, compassionate choices.” 4. “Lure,” by Ned Bell The Pacific Coast’s wealth of sustainable seafood is the focus of Lure, the new book from Chef Ned Bell, advocate behind Chefs for ocean, and writer Valerie Howes. The book features simple techniques to source and prepare sustainable Pacific seafood, with 80 recipes ranging from simple fish burgers to luxurious caviar butter. “Ned Bell is one of that laudable cadre of young

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This remote island in the South Pacific is covered in 18 tons of our trash

…weight of garbage on the planet. In fact, we create exactly that much plastic every two seconds. (Here’s a list of a few ways you can cut down on the amount the trash you generate, just in case you’re now panicking like I am.) Five trillion bits of plastic are estimated to be swilling around our oceans, but we don’t know where most of it ends up once it gets there. Today’s study indicates that remote islands like Henderson may be holding onto some of those “lost” plastics, becoming

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