Organic Recipes 

What We Eat // Organic Food Haul + Free Gift!

Here’s a great example of what we eat, how we shop, and what we look for when grocery shopping! These are items/brands I normally and frequently already purchase at grocery stores. The only difference in this video is that I’m using an online shopping option (Thrive Market) which has more affordable prices on organic groceries! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the free offer from Thrive Market! ⋱ MY WATER FILTER⇢ THRIVE MARKET FREE OFFER: Get $60 of FREE organic groceries + Free Shipping from Thrive Market!…

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Breakfast At Our House!! // Caffein Alternative + Quesadillas

Get an EXTRA 15% Off your first Four Sigmatic order! ⇢ Four Sigmatic’s BIGGEST sale of the year is from 11/23- 11/26 Get 30% – 50% of all their products + my 15% if you order today. (Discount is auto applied at checkout!) ✩ MY PERSONAL MEDICINAL MUSHROOM FAVS! ✩ • Lion’s Mane: for when you need some help concentrating during work • Chaga: for the morning to help start the day off right • Cordyceps: before being active (or for an energy boost without the caffeine!) • Reishi:…

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