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Diet Tips : Low-Sodium Diet Tips

Hi, this is Rachel Richardson with Nutrolution
in South Beach, Miami, Florida. In this clip, we're talking about how to eat a low sodium
diet. Now I have clients will actually go through and look at their food labels and
read them and try to add up all their sodium in a day, and actually, you can follow a low
sodium diet doing that, but the easiest and actually probably the most healthy way to
follow a low sodium diet is to eat foods that don't have food labels. Because when they
don't have food labels, they're not processed and processed foods are the biggest antagonist
of high sodium.

So, if you stick to whole foods, things like fruits, vegetables, nuts,
seeds that are unsalted, beans that are unsalted, your oils, your avocados, your proteins, your
natural meets, not your processed meats that have labels. You're going to be well on your
way to reducing all the sodium you need to be a very healthy person. Hi, this is Rachel
Richardson and this has been how to eat a low sodium diet..

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