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Coronavirus in North Texas: What you need to know for Aug. 1

Coronavirus in North Texas

signs of hope as two vaccines enter their final testing stage dr anthony fauci says he remains optimistic when it comes to a vaccine in the next in the next year but the short-term forecast for the country still remains grim the cdc out with a somber prediction for the next few weeks as covid 19 cases continue to rise across the country abc’s christine sloan has the story this morning positive signs as two vaccines advanced to the final testing stage one of the volunteers for pfizer dr victoria smith with ochsner health in louisiana taking on the risk herself after seeing multiple patients not make it i’ve lost three patients two covid i have the large african-american and latino patient population who’s been disproportionately affected by covid and so a vaccine is really what offers some hope uh to try to end you know so much of the suffering dr anthony fauci testifying on capitol hill saying he feels positive we feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021 for some that vaccine can’t come soon enough students in georgia starting to return to school safety measures are in place but masks are not required i have full confidence that they have put in all the right protocols yet at a sleep away camp also in georgia where campers didn’t wear masks the virus spread to over 44 percent of campers and staff within a week the cdc predicting the coronavirus death toll could jump by another 30 000 in the next three weeks reaching 182 000.

Coronavirus in North Texas

Florida friday hitting its fourth straight day of breaking a record for lives lost lorianna hernandez aldema says her family there had mere moments to say goodbye to her 94 year old father-in-law over video chat they called us at six o’clock we were able to talk to him until 6 19 and they said that his blood pressure was going down and by 6 30 we lost him many families also fear losing financial security 30 million americans receiving their final 600 dollar weekly federal unemployment benefit last week congress and the white house not appearing close to another solution christine sloan abc news new york so here at home fort worth isd has changed their back to school plans for a third time in a row a school board trustees they held an emergency meeting on thursday here’s what we know at this point they voted in favor of starting the school year off with four weeks of virtual learning beginning september 8. the superintendent said delaying the start from august 17 to september 8th gives school leaders three additional weeks to prepare teachers for all virtual instruction now the district plans to transition to optional in-person classes by october 5th now smaller school districts they plan to welcome kids back into the classroom a lot sooner than that we’re talking next week keene isd in johnson county will be one of the first to open since shutting down in the midst of the pandemic and there’s still an option for virtual only here’s our david goins in one of north texas’s smaller communities it’s going to be a year like we’ve never seen before.

Coronavirus in North Texas

keene isd is about to be on a big stage superintendent ricky stevens will open the district’s three buildings to students tuesday about 75 percent of keen isd’s 1000 students are expected to show up in person classrooms are ready for virtual learning too setting up here for synchronous live learning a lot of eyes are on keen especially at this moment but daniel gathing says his only focus is on his son starting seventh grade safely and he believes that can happen even with him at school i left it up to him and he wants to do it he knows what’s expected of him wearing the face mask in addition to masks being required and lots of hand sanitizers and social distancing the superintendent showed us around friday in this video how keen isd is ready for school during a pandemic this is the triage center where students with possible symptoms will come and the nurse will determine whether or not they are if they do have coca symptoms they’ll be sent into this isolation room johnson county has far fewer coveted cases than the big four counties stevens hopes precautions inside school buildings and constant communication with county health officials could help keene isd model a way that school could look this fall you feel other school districts in north texas will be looking at you guys to see how this goes for the first few weeks either way i think so for sure in keene i’m david goins

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