How to Clean and Season Cast Iron Cookware

Dish soap or no? What about rust? What does it mean to season a skillet, anyway? Follow a few simple cardinal rules and your cast iron will last for years and years. Continue reading “How to Clean and Season Cast Iron Cookware” » Source link [page_popup id=”1″]

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Ergonomically Engineered Stick Vacuums : Lofstrand Vacuum Cleaner

The Lofstrand Vacuum Cleaner Reduces Wrist Strain Domestic vacuums have been revolutionized over the past several years thanks to brands who have made them more compact and lightweight, but the conceptual Lofstrand Vacuum Cleaner aims to push things even further. Inspired by the design of the Lofstrand crutch, the vacuum features an ergonomic aesthetic that will reduce the pressure placed on the Median nerve and tendons when being used for extended periods. This will eliminate the occurrence of fatigue, pain and numbness that could come about from continuous use with…

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‘Confirmed evidence’ US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria — RT News

TurkishPresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan has actually stated “it’s extremely clear” that the US-led union is sustaining terrorist teams in Syria, Islamic State (IS, additionally called ISIS/ISIL) amongst them. “Theyprovide assistance to terrorist teams consisting of Daesh (Arabicfor IS),” Erdogan stated. Sayingthat the United States have actually implicated Turkey of sustaining IS, talking at an interview on Tuesday the Turkish leader criticized the US-led union for aiding terrorists themselves. Apartfrom IS, he additionally discussed Kurdish People’s Protection Units in north Syria (YPG) and also Democratic Union Party (PYD) as teams sustained…

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