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Lin-Manuel Miranda On His Fully Bilingual 2-Year-Old & The Bedtime Lullaby He Wrote

The fun is I, you know having my nights back and getting to tuck my kid in. Which I didn’t really get to do the first year of his life. Because I had a night job. Now my days consist of singing and dancing with Emily Blunt all day And then I tuck my kid in at the end of the night, and that’s pretty rad His bed-time song routine, you’re always a little nervous to read “go dog go” ‘Cause that hypes them up more than it calms them down. I mean, it ends with a dog party in a tree! He’s got his favorites, he’s got his “One fish two fish” And he’s got his goodnight moon And we read all those and then its time for lecha (milk) and goodnight We’ve got some original compositions in the mix There’s a goodnight song that I invented that involves the names of every single person he knows.

Um, we kinda gotta get through that before he falls asleep *laughs* And the list is growing, so the song gets longer. My favorite thing to do when I’m not working is walking my dog and taking my kid to the park. Those are the two best things in my life. I got a lot of lyrics when I’m walking my dog. You know, as meditative as you can be when you’re picking up poop. It really is, it’s like it’s the calm in my day. I wrote the opening number of Neil Patrick Harris… And most of those lyrics got written on epicly long dog walks. I enjoy just vegging out with my son And just sort of watching him pick up stuff is really… We’re now at the point where we have to be very careful what you say. Um, he was climbing the steps the other day *laughs* And he was going “Oh my god, oh my god” *laughs* And I was like, oh okay I gotta really chill with that one.

Um, so, but it’s, we’re in a really fun language place right now. He’s fully bilingual. I mean, he, and it’s adorable to see him sense who he’s talking to and translate Like he’ll be like “Leche… Milk?” And that’s *laughs* kind of incredible! Yea, no, and he’s got a spattering of German too Because my mother-in-law is Austrian, so.

He’s got one language up on me..

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