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Everything You Wanted to Know About Hot Yoga But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Yes, you will sweat. A lot. Yoga is making a comeback of sorts. The ancient discipline has been around for centuries but recently landed at seventh place in the American College of Sports Medicine‘s top 2019 fitness trends making it “hot” again. Speaking of hot, if you’ve wanted to kick your yoga practice up a notch, you might want to give hot yoga a try.  Bikram yoga, hot yoga, sweaty yoga…whatever you want to call it, is a sure-fire way to tone and challenge your body whether you’re a seasoned yogi…

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How to Reconnect With Your Spirituality on a Daily Basis

Jona Genova shares her go-to simple tips for keeping your spiritual health intact. You drink kombucha and attend regular spinning classes for your physical health, and you indulge in self-care practices, like massages and journaling, for your mental and emotional health, but what are you doing for your spiritual health? For a number of people, connecting with spirituality can seem almost esoteric. You might think it means indulging in meticulous traditions or “woo woo” rituals. While neglecting your spiritual side might be easier to do than, say, eating your veggies…

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Yoga Moves for Losing Leg Fat : Exercise & Yoga

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Yoga isn’t just about toning your body – it can also be a great way to lose weight. Learn about yoga moves for losing leg fat with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip. Expert: Sara Holliday Contact: Bio: Sara Holliday is a licensed marriage/family therapist and fitness professional who has led health and wellness presentations since 1992. Filmmaker: Rafael Rodriguez Series Description: Picking out the right yoga poses and techniques to incorporate into an exercise plan requires you…

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7 Minute Bedtime Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

This 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga With Adriene is designed to help you wind down, stretch out and feel good. This short and gentle mindfulness practice will help you calm the nervous system and prepare for a for healthy night of rest. Prepare to feel relaxed and loved! Feb is a short month so we decided to answer the requests for short practice video with a month of Yoga Quickies. Set the tone for your evening and remember, a little goes a long way! Yoga Quickies show us that we do…

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