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Dear Friend,We all want to lose weight.Maybe it’s 5 pounds, maybe it’s 10 pounds, maybe it’s 15 pounds or more.However life is busier today than at any other time in history.We have more demands on our time and more distractions than ever before.Frankly, it’s amazing that we get everything done that we need to.What if I could show you a way to successfully lose weight AND even increase the joy you feel in your life without adding one minute to your day?Wouldn’t that be fantastic?Let me explain why…

For the past 15 years I’ve searched for a simple way to lose weight, quiet my mind and deal with the daily stress my life all at the same time.

Without:• Spending one minute in the gym…• Changing my diet…
• Drugs of any kind…
• Giving up the foods that I love to eat…

People do all sorts of things from meditation to yoga to breathing exercises to reduce the stress in their life.Yet very few people know that stress is the #1 cause of weight gain.I knew that in order to lose weight I had to reduce the stress in my mind
and in my body.Once I did the pounds started falling off and here’s how it happened…

I learned how to quiet my mind without:• Being a monk with my legs crossed…• Frustratingly long sessions of trying to watch my thoughts…• Repetitive positive affirmations…• Addictive prescription drugs that leave you feeling drowsy… And not only did I learn how to do this for myself… I have successfully taught this to others as well.Today, I will teach it to you.

What if you can not only lower the stress in your mind and body, you can also:  • Create new healthy habits effortlessly…• Eliminate the mental blocks that sabotage your weight loss efforts…• Destroy late night cravings for sweets and treats…• Super-charge your mind, will power and resolve so that you have an unfair advantage in living a healthy life style…• Create instant bursts of energy wherever and whenever you need…

To be honest, the journey I personally took to figure it out totally sucked.
Yes.  “Sucked.”  
While that word may not be the most professional word to use… It’s the truth!When my first marriage collapsed from constant emotional abuse and serial cheating… I was a mess.
I had four different therapists, I was on heavy medication for heart problems, anxiety, depression AND stress, plus…I developed asthma.  In my 20’s.I felt abandoned, broken and completely lost.For the next several years I drifted without a purpose or hope that things would get much better.
Finally, after a particularly brutal low point in my life, I had one of those amazing moments where I asked “what is wrong with me?!”And that’s when I realized that the common denominator in ALL my problems…WAS ME.

Stress is a natural part of daily life today.  Negative situations and events will always occur.  But it was my choice of how to react to it and I allowed myself to be overwhelmed and frustrated.And I realized that nothing would change until I changed myself.Yet, let’s face it, to change firmly rooted habits can be hard.

That’s why I kept dating the same type of man as my ex-husband. That’s why my friends would diet like crazy, only to put all the weight back on.That’s why we “promise” ourselves we’ll do better… only to go right back to the same old thing again.Only this time… I actually DID something different.Once I discovered that common sense science about how your mind works, it was like a light bulb went off.And I made a VOW to myself right then and there:
“I will find the best system and tools to make this work in anyone’s life so that no one ever has to go through what I just did.”

I eventually discovered one of the top teachers of these methods.  Not only was I one of his best students… he eventually hired me to help him teach others how to change their lives as well. Within a year I went from broke, lonely, frustrated and stuck in a job I didn’t like…To landing my dream job, becoming a #1 best-selling author and finding the love of my life.

I really had to think about it at first.  
After all, how do you create a blueprint of your own personal journey that others can follow as well?It took a lot of work, yet eventually, I created a system that anyone can follow to experience an easier way to weight loss as well as the incredible peace and change that I had discovered for myself.They too went on to overcome many of the difficulties in their life.  Cravings vanished.  Eating healthy became second habit. Weight that had stubbornly clung on for years seemed to melt away effortlessly.Habits that had sabotaged them for decades suddenly just disappeared.I’ve taught these techniques to many students, many of which are CEOs and A-LIST celebrities.Yet, does my roster of rich and famous clients really matter?Be honest… it’s hard to feel sorry for someone with unlimited wealth because they can afford luxuries that most can’t…Including the top tools for easy weight loss and lasting personal change…What matters most is that this system work for anyone, of any age, background or economic status.

People Just Like You And Me.

“Wow!” That’s all I can say about this uniquely different audio program. Makayla Léone’s voice is one of the most soothing voices I have ever listened to in my 60+ years. One of the audios is titled “Leaving the Workday Behind” and for two nights prior to listening to this audio I had difficulty sleeping – both getting to sleep and staying asleep. 
It’s only been two nights ‘after’ listening to this audio and the others and I have been able to sleep much better and feel more rested. It is something I play back often and it turned out to be well worth the investment.”

“This is an amazing set of guided meditation audios.  After listening to the “Afternoon Recharge Meditation,” I felt energized and focused and better able to take on my day. The background music in each track is subtle and relaxing, and helped to deepen the experience of imprinting positive beliefs into my subconscious mind. I found Makayla’s voice to be very calming; her cadence is natural and encouraging, and the pacing of the suggestions made each track a joy to listen to. 

Of the series, I think the “Genius Learning Mediation” is my favorite. This  session helped me rekindle my love of learning and tap into hidden reserves of memory and comprehension. In all, this is a fantastic set of meditation audios which will help you grow as a businessperson and as an individual.”

I don’t want these tools to be available only for the wealthy elite.
I know that this common sense science can help anyone to turn their life around…To live a stress-free, joyful life full of purpose and peace…Because when you lower or even eliminate the stress in your life, weight loss comes naturally.That’s what it did for me. 
And today, for the first time ever, I’m going to make these exact techniques available to you.In fact – I’ve now formulated 10 different mediations that ANYONE (even if they have never meditated a day before in their life) can use immediately.If there were something as easy as “push button” meditation, this would be it.These are all simple ‘plug and play’ mediation audios that you simply turn on, sit back and relax.You just listen to my voice as I gently guide you to results that you desire.These mediations have taken me years to formulate…And they have been tried and tested on MANY different clients with some AMAZING results! I call these audios “Hypnotic Meditation™”.That’s because every meditation has been specifically written using techniques that allow deep change on your subconscious level…You don’t have to do anything other than sit back and listen…And the change will happen practically automatically…Nothing could be easier…
Originally, I was going to sell these audios one at a time…However, I noticed that the clients who experienced the fastest change enjoyed listening to multiple Hypnotic Meditations™.

The Hypnotic Meditation™ Weight Loss Bliss Pack is a Series of 5 Powerful, “Done for You” Audio MeditationsThat Cover 
a Wide Range of Different StrugglesYou Face in Your Day-to-Day Life…

All designed to help you lose weight.Because it’s one thing to lose weight…It’s another thing to feel happy while doing it!These simple audios have been formulated to be extremely easy and effective for you and your busy lifestyle so you can experience the weight loss that you desire and deserve.It’s the easiest way for you to experience deep relaxation, increased energy… and permanent, long-term weight loss.In fact, you don’t even need to do any thing extra during your day.All you need to do is lie back in your bed or favorite chair whenever you desire, press play and in less than 30 minutes you’re done.That’s all there is.  Nothing could be simpler.And in those 30 minutes you’ll experience deep, powerful change.

Many people talk glibly about DNA and genetics nowadays, yet did you realize that your genetic blueprint also includes a perfect body.Your Perfect Body.This means that you are wasting your time in pursuit of an imaginary perfect body. One constructed from the media and slick advertisements.

Ultimately, this leads to feelings of complete frustration and disappointment.
The Your Perfect Body™ Hypnotic Meditation™ was created to help you realize that it simply makes no sense for you to try and force your body to be something it is not…And to help you understand how to uncover and reveal your own perfect body.There is no fad fitness program or no diet advice here.  (You get plenty of that available elsewhere).
Instead, you will be gently guided to align your unconscious motivation with your own unique genetic blueprint.During this deeply relaxing time, you will experience a powerful metaphorical transformative process that activates unconscious drives…Drives that will express your unique individuality at every level: mental, emotional and physical.
This compelling vision of what your life in Your Perfect Body™ will be like creates a blueprint for action that is tailor made for you – by you.

“As a fitness professional, I know the most important part of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is your mindset.  These audios are an amazing tool that will help you easily create and maintain the mindset you need for success with your fitness goals.”

Clark BartramAmerica’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional,ReadySetSlim.com

If you have ever experienced that dreaded “energy drop” half way through your day…
Or you have ever woken up and started your day feeling worn out and exhausted…Even after a full night’s sleep…

Then Instant Energy Boost™ is for you.Energy is one of, if not the most important factors in your everyday life…

And if you lack it, your quality of life really suffers.So whether you want to take some time out, relax or just get that extra ‘oomph’… this audio can quickly give you the lift you need.

We all know how easy it is to just “grab a burger” after a long day.  When you’re tired all you want is convenience.  However, listen to this audio and you’ll soon begin to notice that those cravings simply disappear… to the point where you’ll only want fast food on a rare “free day.”

“The Weight Loss Bliss Pack is a powerful tool to help women take control of their lives in a meaningful way.  In my practice helping women lose weight I know that diets alone do not work.  To lose weight and keep it off you need a more powerful tool and these Hypnotic Meditations are just that – an invaluable, proven way to increase your joy, reduce your stress and help with the devastating grip of  overeating. The series is absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend that you use them; do it now and improve every area of your life!”

Kristi Frank,MommyBodyMakeover.com

If you’re in the habit of just eating what ever is most convenient, it’s tough making the transition into a more healthy life style.  As you reduce sugar and the amount of unhealthy carbs you eat, your body may not like it.  As a result: hunger pangs.  And that is no fun at all.  It’s also the biggest culprit in people going off their diet.  

However, this audio will help your body to naturally maintain a consistent energy all day long, so you never really feel that hungry.  And when you’re not hungry, you make better food choices.

“This series of meditations lets you take relief from any stress or anxieties that you’re having in your life and provides motivations to give you that extra boost of energy that you are looking for. I started listening to these in my daily life and it’s already making me feel like a new person.”

There you go.  For most people, they lose weight, stop what they were doing to lose the weight and then gain it all back again.  That’s why it’s called Yo-Yo dieting.  Up and down and Up and down.  This audio will change that for you forever.  You will lose weight following the Ready Set Slim System.  And this audio will re-enforce the healthy habits that will help you keep it off forever.

“One of the biggest contributors to gaining weight is stress and a poor health habits.  Makayla Leone is the FIRST person I have met to create an easy-to-use tool that directly addresses these two issues.  Besides following a sound diet and exercise plan, these audios are “must haves” in your fitness tool box.”

New York Times Best Selling Author, Founder of UX3Nutrition.com

Habits are amazingly effective when they are good… 
Yet when you have a bad habit it can cause a lot of stress and pain.
If you’ve ever felt like you were “blocked” in life… 
Or that you kept making the same mistakes over and over again…Power Habits™ could change that for you forever.

What do I mean by this?  Well, one of my clients struggled with his finances for nearly all his life.He made good money, yet he had the habit of spending it carelessly.When he was able to change that habit, his financial life completely changed.If you want to lose weight maybe you have the habit of eating cookies every day…Or you sleep in instead of getting up and going for a simple walk in the morning.Or you intend to eat healthy yet when you’re worn out at the end of a long day it feels easier to just stop and grab a burger.  Yep, that’s a habit too.If you’ve ever tried to kick a habit with willpower alone, you’ve likely faced an extremely uphill battle.Or you may have just decided “that’s just the way I am.”Using the Power Habits™ audio session you will explore your unconscious mind to start dealing effectively with your unwanted behaviors.As you relax in profound trance, you will effortlessly absorb a new, powerful, meditative process and put it directly to use in your inner core…
The place where your instinctive behavior patterns are created and stored.You can use this process to deal with a single problem or any number of unwanted behaviors to finally allow yourself to become more of who you truly desire to be…And who you know you truly are on the inside.

People spend a tremendous amount of money on their appearance.And while it is true that looking good helps you feel good, people often overlook the fact that there are simpler and easier routes to looking younger and healthier.

The Surgery Free Facelift audio has been created especially for people who want to look their best and who appreciate that they can use their own unconscious aptitude for making the most of their natural gifts and talents.
I’ll briefly discuss the unconscious habits (they’re everywhere in your life!) we form that make your face look older and strained. Then we outline the practical steps you can take to ensure that you avoid them.The Surgery-Free Facelift will help you to experience your own natural youth and vitality without painful surgery, injections or other expensive medical treatments. Instead, you’ll train your own mind to create physical elasticity ease and vibrancy throughout all of your body to ensure that you establish the automatic lifestyle changes that will sustain and enhance a youthful and vital appearance well into your mature years. 

Overwhelm can be a real problem, especially if you are a‘creative type’.For true creative’s, your mind runs at 110% and it can often
feel like you can’t stop.

It’s the ultimate blessing… yet also the ultimate curse, especially when it comes time to go to sleep. 
Sometimes, your brain just doesn’t want to cooperate!Overwhelm Obliteration™ will destroy those feelings of life
being too much.It will leave you feeling relaxed, back in control of your
life and much more able to manage your daily load.

You work hard every day. Yet, the price of your success is a thousand-and-one tasks plus multiple projects in various stages…The problem with that is that in can be extremely difficult to ‘switch off’ from work at the end of the day…

As a result, your relationship with your friends and family can start to struggle.
This powerful audio will allow you to do finally turn off “work mode” and easily activate “home mode.”Simply listen to it when you’re finished with your workday and it will help you decompress your mind to allow you to truly transition into your relaxing time at home.

“This is without a doubt the best meditation/relaxation audios I have ever heard – even better than the relaxation tape I had a professional create for me years ago.
The soothing voice and enchanting music draws you in, and really puts you in “the zone”.
I found the “Leaving The Work Day Behind Meditation” audio particularly useful. Working from home, I often find it difficult to switch off at the end of the day.

It’s hard to put into words exactly how these meditations make you feel -other than a whole lot better!”

Even after you master the techniques for healthy work boundaries… the occasional co-worker will still through the door sometimes no matter how hard you try to create the secure space you need to be productive.Once that happens… getting back on track can be as hard as actually doing the work that needs to get done.

The Get Back on Track™ audio will help you do just that. If you notice yourself getting off track and you need to get back into the flow – simply plug your headphones in and listen to this short audio.Get Back on Track™ works by taking you into an optimum learning state.This is a mental state in which it is easy for you to make beneficial changes in your own life patterns. Get Back on Track™ will not tell you what to do. Instead it will help you create a new paradigm for deciding what to do for yourself.

The Hypnotic Meditation™ Weight Loss Bliss Pack Will Work For You Even If…• You’ve tried every diet in the world…

• You’ve tried exercising and haven’t lost weight…

• You’re so busy you don’t even have an extra 20 minutes to spare…

• You’ve tried other types of “meditation” before and found it too “new-agey” for you… and it didn’t even work. 
 (This is solid science, not “new age!”)

Here’s why:
These audios will be delivered in convenient mp3 format and will play on your laptop, your computer, your tablet, your iPod or your smart phone…Once you load them up, they will be with you wherever you go.Have 10 minutes to spare at the end of lunch?  Cue up “Instant Energy Boost” and marvel at how the rest of your afternoon goes.Just finished a rough day at work?  Rather than take all that residual “work gunk” home with you, simply park in your garage or your driveway for 20 minutes and let “Leave your Workday Behind” wipe the slate clear.You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes and your spouse and kids will be so grateful to have the “real you” back.Yet, what if you’re absolutely positively convinced that you don’t have one single second left to spare in your day?
Easy.At the end of your day, just as you lay down to sleep, simply put your earphones on and press play as you drift off.It takes no extra time from your day and the changes will start to happen on a subconscious level… without you having to do a thing.As you do begin to implement these audios into your daily routine you will notice that you feel less stressed, more focused, more productive and that that extra weight you’ve been trying to lose just melts away.Wouldn’t that make your life seem to just flow a little bit easier?You’ll also notice that habits that used to hold you back seemingly melt away as you find it easier to get what you want from your life.When you use these advanced, scientifically proven language patterns to refocus your mind and reprogram your subconscious mind…You will begin to experience the type of life that you know you deserve.
Not only will you experience deeper states of meditation effortlessly…

 Get INSTANT Access To
All 10 Life-Changing AudiosFor a Single, Simple Payment Of

I know that finding someone who you can trust online today
can be a challenge.

That’s Why Your Purchase Today is Fully Protected by My100% Money Back Guarantee:

Download the Weight Loss Bliss Pack today.  Give them an honest listen for the next 60 days.  If you do not see that extra weight effortless melt away… If you do not feel more relaxed, refreshed, focused and productive… If you do not feel less stressed, rushed and hurried in your life…  just send my support team an email and I’ll refund every cent. Fair enough?I’m willing to take this risk because I know that these audios can help you create the type of life you truly deserve and desire.

To Claim Your INSTANT Access SimplyClick the button below

Once you’ve entered your payment details, you’ll be re-directed to your download page where your Hypnotic Meditation™ Mega Bliss Pack will
be waiting for you in mp3 format suitable for any computer or device.From there you simply choose which audio suits your need at this
particular time, sit back, relax and listen.Nothing could be simpler.

Click the Button Below NOW to Get Started Today

P.S. Because they are called “hypnotic” meditations, does
that mean that you’ll be hypnotized?Absolutely not.I chose that word because it conveys the blissed-out,
relaxed, trance-like state my meditations have been known to create. Even if
you had the most stressful day ever, 30 minutes can turn that completely
around.P.P.S.  Remember, you
have nothing to lose with my 100% money back guarantee.  If you don’t see those extra pounds melt away… if you don’t feel less stressed, less rushed, more relaxed
and more energized at the end of 60 days… just let me know and you’ll get every
penny back.  Order today and start the
journey to the life you know you deserve.

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Click here to get Weight Loss Bliss Pack at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Weight Loss Bliss Pack is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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