Above the Knee (AK) Amputee Marathon Runner Tests His New Running Prosthesis

Undeterred by any obstacles and with an intense spirit to excel, male athlete tests his new running prosthesis which will allow him to participate in marathons. His ultimate goal is to compete in an iron man triathlon. The running prosthesis is custom designed by Prosthetics In Motion. The prosthesis incorporates a flex run flex foot, and endolite knee unit. Prosthetic componentry powdered coated candy apple red. The carbon fiber design of the prosthesis was fabricated with a custom red dye. Prosthetics in Motion is located in the Heart of New York City and is dedicated to providing above knee “AK” and below knee “BK” amputees with the best in prosthetic legs, prosthetic arms, finger prosthesis, leg prosthetics, prosthetic feet and prosthetic hands. Our staff specializes in C-legs, i-Limb, Flex foot, Dynamic Arm, Otto Bock, Ossur and custom prosthetics.


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