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Perfect Glutes Workout (5 KETTLEBELL BOOTY MOVES!!)

Perfect Glutes Workout (5 KETTLEBELL BOOTY MOVES!!)

Hey, everybody! Trainer Susan with ATHLEANXX for Women is going to show you the Perfect Glutes Workout. Today we’re going to do a kettle bell butt workout. Okay, so with this workout all you’re going to need is a kettle bell, whatever weight you want is fine. Depending on your fitness level you can go heavier, or lighter. It really doesn’t matter. If you want to start building a little more muscle you can start going a little heavier. If you’re just starting out with kettle bells I would suggest going a little lighter.

5 Kettlebell Exercises

Okay, we have five exercises we’re going to go through today. If you have a timer you can do a timed work out and do 40 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. You’re going to try to do, maybe, three rounds. So really push yourselves.

Exercise one: deadlift goblet squat

You are  going to have your feet about shoulder width apart, drop down with a very slight bend in your knees, when you come up, you’re going to change the position of your hands on the bell as you squat down.  Really focus on the back of the hamstrings on the first move. Second move, really focus on the butt. Actually, we’re hitting butt with both of these. Kind of getting a stretch through the hamstrings on the first one.  Good job!

Exercise two: single leg squat.

I love doing a lot of single leg work because it’s great for balance, and it’s just fun to do.

Stand on one leg, other leg is going to be out. Drop down, sitting back,
through the glute, turn and really sit back into the glute. Raise up, and really think about keeping that one nice and tight.  If you have to touch down, that’s okay. No bending forward. Literally just sit straight back,
and raise up. Down, up, down, and up.  Of course, once we finish one side we’re going to do the same on the opposite side. We’re going down, up, down, up. Really make sure that glute is your work horse.

That’s where you should really be feeling that you’re lowering and lifting through.

Exercise three: plie drop squat.

We’re going to get our feet into a plie position. When you go down you’re going to drop it at one point, come up, and grab. This is a little bit quicker motion, Just a quick drop, and grab. Keeping nice, straight posture. Really think about keeping those feet rotated outward as you drop, and pick up.  You can really feel this one.  Swing jump touch. Basically, this is a kettle bell swing with a little bit of a hop, and we’re going to touch the bell down to the ground. Swing, hop, touch. Swing, hop, touch. Swing, hop, touch. And touch. Swing, hop, and touch. Really keeping all of your energy focused on the glute.

Last exercise: lateral slider squat.

You can use a towel. All you’re going to do is have one foot that’s going to slide out, and just going to drop the bell to the ground, and up. Really sitting back through that glute, and it’s doing all the work. Lowers you to the ground, pushes you back up. You can do 40 seconds on one leg,
40 on the other, or divide it up 20/20. Whatever you’re comfortable with. Try to push it, though. Down, up. Down, up. Down, up. Okay, you guys. Push through, get those three rounds done. Check out ATHLEANXX for Women, if you guys haven’t been over there already.

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