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24 universal truths by the cute Truth Potato

The truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. It takes a lot of guts to acknowledge it completely and embrace it and there are some bitter truths in our lives that we choose to ignore. It might not be that bad, we can live with that, but if you truly want to be honest and true to yourself, you’ve got to listen to these 24 universal truths told by the sweet, cute Truth Potato. There won’t be a single one you can say is silly. The Truth Potato, somehow,…

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Organic Recipes 

The Real Truth About the FDA’s Attack on Kind Bars

The Real Truth About the FDA’s Attack on Kind Bars. As indicated by the virtuosos that direct our sustenance supply, immersed fat works simply like trans fat to raise your terrible cholesterol and up your heart assault hazard. This isn’t just off the check—an expanding number of studies has discovered that sat fat does not, truth be told, increment the danger of coronary illness and may even have wellbeing giving advantages—yet additionally unimportant, as there are more intolerable fixings that make KIND bars less sound than bundling may suggest. However,…

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