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Weight Loss 

Weight Loss for Women over 50

Weight Loss for Women over 50

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B from www.pahlabfitness.com and on tap today, I’ve got day one of the Weight Loss for Women Over 50 serials. You guys, today we are going for a great walk and that means that there is no jumping , no changes to the ground, no equipment needed of course. But I am gonna tell you all about how to use this 31 -day challenge and how to lose weight successfully.  You dont need weight loss pills, or specific fat loss diet plans for women.  You guys, when you’re ready for this one, I’m totally ready. So let’s go! All claim, you guys, let’s get movin’ and groovin’ and that means that we are getting started with some arm roundabouts and high knees.

I gotta be honest, we are technically speaking only walking, but that does not mean that it is any less of a workout than any of the other workouts that we do. So I do wanna make suret hat we are warmed up, that you’re getting your heart rate up, that you’re getting even your upper form warmed up for what is essentially simply a lower organization workout. But I tell you oh my gosh, my counterbalance is fantastic today. I tell you, no matter what kind of a workout we do, having a nice thorough warmup is always the way to get started because no matter what part of your organization you’re working, all of you is always working. Let’s go ahead and do some weapon crossers with booty kickers. I’m really having to think about this today. Can I tell you one thing? I’m a little nervous about today’s workout. I have a lot of weight loss for women over 50information for you today about weight loss and specifically weight loss for women over 50. And that really is the point of today’s workout to make sure that I can give you the information that you need so that you can be super successful with this challenge.

Now, the thing is I’m calling it a challenge because I like that text because it is really very like okay, here we go. We’re gonna really get into this habit. We’re gonna examine what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna give you the information so that you could be successful. But the fact is the most challenging part you’ve already done. You already sounded play on this video. You’ve already get started and that can be the most challenging thing of all. Let’s go ahead and do some welcome to my homes. The thing is, my friends, was started on losing value, you are familiar with, especially at the beginning of the year, it’s a new year, it’s a new decade, new you, new all of that stuff. No concern how you slice it, spawning changes in your life can feel scary. And that’s why I wanted to put together this challenge for us and specifically this walk-thru video where we’re not trying to think too hard about the rehearsal so that you can think about how we can be successful, to get this new you. Let’s go ahead and start walking. Now, this is all I am doing.  You are welcome to take today at whatever speed feels best for you and at whatever vogue feels best for you. For some people, strolling in place doesn’t feel immense. If you would like to mix it up with other moves, some area moves, or some hand gestures, things like that, satisfy feel free. You’re also welcome to do this workout jumping on your mini trampoline. I hear that all the time from lots of my different videos that you take it to the trampoline and that is perfectly lovely. However you get movin’ and groovin’ today, candidly, is totally fine with me. What I wanna tell you is all about weight loss.

Let’s talk about it, friends. You know, weight loss is always a moving target.  But I’m often trying to do something else. And I wanted to give you a delightful, brief, hopefully concise, we’ll see how that starts, account of exactly how to lose weight at this age. Because the fact is it is different over 50. And lots of people wanna tell you it’s harder to lose weight when we’re in and around menopause senility. The fact is it doesn’t have to be harder or more difficult. What it is, is different. So let’s start off really quickly with biology because, your best friend, it always comes back to biology. Here’s how your torso works. Here’s how your person carries weight, uses what you have and loses weight. There are three steps to the process and I’m gonna make this sound super simple even though there’s a lot to it. You take energy in. That mean you ingest. The meat that you dine contains calories as you well know. But calories is actually just another utterance for exertion. When you devour, you are giving your body energy. Now, your figure needs todo weight loss for womensomething with that. Your body is like a giant battery. And I affection this about your beautiful, marching, talking, marvelous, always works for you body. Your body knows that it cannot just applied that force right back away, because if it did, you would need to be eating 24 hours a day. Your beautiful figure has all these systems in place to store that exertion for last-minute. Now, the one home we don’t like it to collect power for last-minute is in fat. But it is, in fact, one of the ways that your torso saves vigor for later. Now, we was agreement that when we take too much energy in, that we get too much vitality storage. And that’s part of the equation but not all of it. We’re gonna get to that in a little bit. The interesting thing that your torso can do is it can store energy in a couple of different places. It collects it as fatty, it stores it in your muscles, it accumulates it as carbohydrate likewise. So your person then, after it stores the force that it has taken in, makes intensity out. Now, it is a well-known fact that we always think of energy out, precisely like this, when we’re doing something that feels very active. But the facts of the case is, your body is putting vitality out every single minute of every single day from the moment you are conceived until the moment you are disappear.

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Everything you do necessitates force. Blinking, talking, ingesting, digesting, breathing, sleeping, everything involves vigor. And what that wants is that your figure has like a base rank power requirement simply to keep you alive. And you may or may not be ingesting about that number of calories. Often ages we review when we have weight to lose that we are overeating. But here’s the crazy thing about how your figure accumulates force for later. Your body obligates decisions about when and where and how it will place and when and where and how it will outlay. And the facts of the case is, we don’t have really any ensure over either one of those two parts of the three-part process. So when you are taking in energy, that’s actually the only part of the process that you have any control over. And what I’m saying very clearly, unusually bluntly is this. The only way to lose weight is to control what you eat. And I’m gonna say it a little bit nicer than that in a little bit more long form. But that is the crux of what we’re talking about today. You guys, I know, I know because you are here on an exercise video that you would desire for me to tell you that as long as we do X, Y, and Z efforts for X, Y, and Z extent of go and X, Y, and Z amount of daylights and activity a certain way that weight loss is totally gonna happen for you. But, my friends, we don’t button that one of the purposes of the vigor method. So what I’m gonna tell you to do is to eat the right amount of energy.exercises for weight loss

It’s a little bit nicer when we talk about it as vigor instead of calories, right? You can be utilized either message. I do tend to actually say calories, but here’s the thing. You can think about it in whatever room feels more successful and doable for you. Now, here’s the thing that we listen all the time is that in order to lose weight we have to eat less and move more. But, my friends, I will tell you that working with dozens of weight loss patrons over the years, it’s not necessarily that you are eating too much. Weight gain comes from so many different concludes and sources. Sometimes we gain weight because we’re super stressed out either mentally or physically. Your body will respond to stress with fatty storage. Sometimes we gain weight because we’re eating really inconsistently, that sometimes we’re overeating enormously but other times we’re under-eating enormously. Healthy eating is super important to body fat and mental health.  That is actually again, very stressful to your body. Your body actually only recognizes -A okay or stress. And, of course, there are degrees along the way, but when your person perceives stress, it starts to give stress signals to the hormones and to other things that respond to arrangements. And any type of stress that lasts for any length of duration, will automatically trigger solid storage for your body. Here’s why this can be specially tough for us. In today’s world, stress is everywhere. Stress is mental. Stress comes from eating inconsistently. Stress comes from exercising at a position that your mas doesn’t like. And the thing about being this age is that we be applicable to, when we were younger, have better organizations in place for secreting stress. But now, at 50 -ish or beyond, sometime around menopause, the hormone that actually helped us release stress, which by the way was estrogen. Health fitness and food plans are science backed and necessary for sustained weight managment. Hormones are a big help for liberating stress and so our body responds by storing fat. I know, that’s super crazy, right? We don’t always gain weight because we’re eating too much and we do not definitely need to eat less in order to lose weight. And we almost definitely don’t need to move more. My friends, that moving more thing might even be the problem depending on your personal fitness autobiography. If you are brand new to employ, have lived a absolutely sedentary life or are just currently sedentary and have been for a while, then, yes, my suggestion to you is to move more than you are currently.

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For lots of us, though, “whos been” exercised at least sporadically, maybe not super regularly, maybe even not super vigorously but at least sometimes and at least some vigorousness, for lots of us the answer is actually to move a little bit less, to find that place where your body can secrete the stress without store the stress. And that, my friends, is the balance that we need to come to. Here’s everything you need to know about losing weight in a nutshell. There’s lots of details but here’s the nutshell version. Step one is to do the math. Find out exactly how much energy you actually need. Step two is to do the drudgery. Eat that exact number of calories, find the exact right balance of moderate rehearsal that does not stress your figure. And were sleeping, imbibe your ocean, reduce your mental stress as well. That’s the cultivate that needs to be done. And step three is to analyze and make adjustments as necessary. Now, here’s the thing. I’ve made this into a three-step process that resonates so simple, but each step does have its own not really complications but a lot to think about and a great deal to do. I have actually created for us to go along with this 31 -day challenge, It has already been created for us a complimentary, and represent both free and it goes well with, a complimentary e-book which is everything that I know about losing value. It goes into a lot more detail about some of the questions you might have about what to eat or when to eat or how to eat. Some of the questions that you might have about finding moderation with your workouts. That is something that we will address, actually both of those things are things that we will address during this 31 -day challenge. But I know it’s nice to have things written down in one place that you can refer to again and again. I’ll too help you in that book with the numbers, with doing the math, to figure out exactly what the right thing is and to make sure that you are analyzing and tracking and standing on the right path.

The knowledge is there are lots of people who will throw lots of themes at you and all of them have some validity, indeed. Every weight loss plan that you can think of, every fitness trainer who tries to tell you how to lose weight, they have one of the purposes of the narration. The whole story, my friends, is within you. My goal for this challenge and for this complimentary e-book is to give you the tools so that you can construct the right decisions for yourself based on science and math and your own intuition, because that’s the other one of the purposes of it. You know, the thing is, we tend to discount our own lore. You know, with the internet nowadays, there’s so much information that truly is only going to confuse us all. I sometimes predict things, I entail I literally do this for a living, but sometimes I’ll speak things and I’ll be like, is this true? How do I feel about this but also how can I back this up? Where’s the authenticity? Exactly because this person is putting it forward as a information, doesn’t automatically mean that it’s gonna work for me or, in your client, for you. The other case of this perplex, I make there’s math, there’s science, there’s doing the labor, but there’s also the mindset part. And, your best friend, I don’t want you to exercises for flat absdiscount that. If you are kinda sorta maybe-ish thinking about losing weight, it’s gonna be tough. If you are focused and committed to doing the right thing and figuring out what the right thing is and following through with the right thing, you are able to perfectly have more success. Side of the free e-book does talk about setting yourself a goal and following through with the mental thinking work that’s gonna help you to get to that goal. One of the things that’s truly going to help you is believing that you’re doing the right thing. And I is a well-known fact that that sounds either thoroughly crazy or kind of too easy in some ways. But the fact is, your form will go where your mind travels first. When you provide a destination and believe in your ability to achieve that goal, it will assist you do all the right tasks to get to your goal. And believing that you can do it participates such an immense duty. It is the starting, the cornerstone of what will help you be successful.

For me, I find that a lot of what I guess comes from details, math, and health science. And that’s why I have this program given forward for you in a really, as much as possible, concrete and clear way. I love to know how things work and why things run because that helps me follow through on the steps. If that sounds like your way of thinking, that you like that logical, I know why I’m doing this and that’s why I’m gonna follow through on it, I think this program will work fantastically for you. If you tend to be a person who, if you tend to be a person who likes very clear, I suspect bounds or, boundaries isn’t maybe quite the word I’m trying to come up with, but if you are looking for, for example, a dinner propose, I is not have snack plans. I’m not going to tell you what to eat. I will tell you how to find out for yourself what to eat, but I cannot, because I’m actually not a dietician or a nutritionist, I cannot tell you what to eat. My friends, there are any number of ways to lose weight. The one that’s gonna work for you is the one that works for you. The thing is I believes in you. You can believe in yourself. We are going on this journey this month where we’re going to explore what it’s like to practice reasonably. We’re going to explore what it’s like to follow through on setting a goal for yourself. We’re going explore what it’s like to set limits for our self in areas of our calories in, and then to follow through on that. There’s a lot to losing value, but there’s also just a little to it. And I’m really excited to be on this tour with you together. You guys, this produced menace and sweat today and this felt nice and moderate for me. I’m gonna talk to you about this super duper quick and then we’re gonna cool down. I know that for lots of you, you might be thinking that this wasn’t enough, that this was just a march. And for some of you it might feel like oh my goodness, that was the longest walk I’ve been on in a long time. No matter which space you go, let me tell you this, you can lose weight without exercising at all. That really is why I told you that whole biology lesson that we started with. Your weight loss is driven by eating the privilege number of calories systematically. I know, I’m a fitness trainer and you wanted me to say that it was exercise-driven and that everything we do is exactly right. But the facts of the case is, you don’t even have to do any of it to be successful. So what we are gonna do is find a moderate something that we can do every single day that doesn’t stress us out too much but also doesn’t stress us out too little because I know that if you’re not feeling like it’s enough, that that’s gonna add to your mental stress. I require you to find your glad counterbalance so that we can be successful this month. Let’s go ahead and make this down. And we’re gonna do a little bit of cool down stretching. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness with those arm cliques and I’m just gonna do some some side tappers. Ah! I love, love, adore both the warmup and the cool down.

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You know I love the exercise responsibility, too, but frankly, for me, probably the most delightful parts of many, many of the workouts isn’t just the fun that we have and the sweat that we have, but the warming up and the cooling down. For me, it is absolutely the mental part of the exercising that helps me get in the privilege state of mind, to get a good sweat, and then promotions me go far the title frame of mind to be done and feel like I had a great workout today because, your best friend, we had a great workout today. Let’s go ahead and do some limb crossers. Still doing some tappers now, we’re gonna open up wide, really stretch out your dresser. Oh my gosh. And then close it up. Oh, give yourself a big hug. You did such a superb job today. This is my, well, it’s my favorite kind of workout regardless. I love to walk, I love to run and eat food. I find them very simple and very easy to do. They don’t require any coordination at all( laughable ). So yes, this was my favorite kind of workout today. But this is also my favorite kind of workout where you get the information that you need to be completely successful with your weight loss journey. My friends, ah, now onscreen I am gonna have a longer stretch for you if you would like. I know lots of us elevate a little bit more stretching than the little bit that I do at the end of these videos. I will have a longer stretch for you. I will too have a place now on screen down at the bottom where you can go over to Patreon because a monthly pledge from you facilitates me prepare free workouts for all of the Americans and I totally was informed that.

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