10-Minute Leg and Butt Workout with Dumbbells - Leggings Are Pants

10-Minute Leg and Butt Workout with Dumbbells

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Did you know that building your leg and butt muscles is the easiest way to add lean muscle to your body? Did you further know that increasing muscle mass is the best way to boost your resting metabolic rate?
Therefore, today’s workout will make you lean while putting your metabolism on overdrive.
It will also activate your arm muscles since you’ll be holding dumbbells.
Use dumbbells that match your strength level. Very heavy dumbbells can increase your risk of injury while light ones will prevent you from getting the most out of the workout.
You can do this butt and leg workout twice a day if you have time.
But whatever you choose to do, make sure you stay consistent with your workouts. Short workouts won’t transform your body unless you do them consistently.


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