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Weight Loss 

15 DAYS WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE || Intermittent Fasting || Lose Weight In 2 weeks

Intermittent Fasting

Hi everyone, i’m Mukti Gautam your fitness coach. I use nutrition studies to fight against obesity.  Diet restriction is very difficult, so the benefits of intermittent fasting is evident since you can eat what you want within certain windows.  Some people like to use food journals, or metabolic charts to lose weight.  Medical and clinical diets are also an option, but intermittent fasting helps lose weight and fight against disease.  This is a systematic approach to muscle gain and weight loss that is proven.  Whether you are at risk of type 2 diabetes or cancer, this alternative will make you more free to eat what you want.  Many people spend one day fasting, or use time restricted concepts to lose body fat.  Those options are not as reliable. 

So guys today’s topic is 15 DAYS OF INTERMITTENT FASTING CHALLENGE So guys if you are accepting this challenge then do let and guys today i’m giving the shout out to Manpreet Singh who said: “oh my god di this rose is for you i know you are from foodie we keep it up i was shocked when i watched this channel yes guys i have this another channel known as ‘FOODIE WE’ which is all about FOOD and FOOD VLOGGING and ENTERTAINMENT This 15 days fasting challenge so guys you DO NOT have to fast for all 15 days you have to fast on the FIRST DAY; THIRD DAY; FIFTH DAY; SEVENTH DAY; NINTH DAY; ELEVENTH DAY i.e the odd days and on even days you do not have to fast but do watch this video till the end as i will tell you your FASTING ROUTINE, and NON FASTING ROUTINE WHAT IS INTERMITTENT FASTING? WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF INTERMITTENT FASTING? To watch videos related to HEALTH & FITNESS do Subscribe to my channel and do not forget to press the BELL ICON guys there are TWO WINDOWS in intermittent fasting that means you have to divide the FASTING DAY INTO TWO WINDOWS OIntermittent Fasting NE : FASTING WINDOW EATING WINDOW For 15 days the RATIO of Fasting Window and Eating Window will be 18:6 Mean for 18 hours you will be on fasting and eat nothing ( FOOD WITH CALORIES) And 6 Hrs will be EATING WINDOW Eat only in these 6 hours Do not get confused In these 18 hrs your night sleep is included.  The result will be less fat and more energy. 

Intermittent Fasting 101

BUT HOW ? Fasting period is of 18 hrs So your fasting will start one day before Fasting Your last meal before the day of fasting will be at 8:00PM And EAT NOTHING from 8 pm (Night) till 2:00pm next day During this fasting period , DO NOT TAKE FOOD/DRINK WITH CALORIES IN IT. You can following in your diet WATER, LEMON WATER, BLACK COFFEE, GREEN TEA Food that you must not include by mistake are following KETO COFFEE, BULLET COFFEE NO CREAM AND NO SUGAR NO PRE-WORKOUTS NO BCAA Aim of I.F is not to reduce calories from your diet or not to keep your body calorie deficit it’s aim is to drop your insulin level completely so guys if your insulin level is not dropped properly then your fasting is not done.

If you consume banana or milk by mistake thinking it’s your fast than you should strictly avoid it as it is not that type of fasting. cause due to fasting your body will release certain hormones that will help in burning your fat night time is best for fasting window because we spend 6-7 hours in sleep so it is easy for us to go through fasting period. so our fasting is starting at night at 8:PM if your timings are different if you are doing night shift you are not having time during day then you can fast at your own convenient time accordingly IS INTERMITTENT FASTING ONLY FOR WEIGHT LOSS? NO guys, it will not only aid weight loss it is good for your BRAIN HEALTH helps in KEEPING YOUR BODY YOUNGER IMPROVES HEART HEALTH it also helps in fasting your weight loss process and there is a process in your body known as AUTOPHAGY which removes waste material from our body indirectly it detoxifies your body Lets start with a fasting day Your fasting will start from one day before At 8 PM, the day before I.F I won’t eat anything no meals till 2:00 PM Early morning during I.F I start my day with enough water Before starting with the workout , I am having black coffee To prepare black coffee take boiled water and add coffee into it.

Instead of coffee you can have LEMON WATER OR GREEN TEA Do not add any calories in it i.e sugar, honey, jaggery Now I am getting ready for my workout Lot of people may find it difficult to workout during the fasting day. BUT this is the best time to lose fat You can simply walk, cycling and do weight lifting. Throughout the day try to keep yourself busy and occupied. When you stay busy then it is easy to follow fasting I followed my normal regime like making video and editing YouTube videos. Its 2:00 PM , its time to BREAK fast. It is very important what you have while breaking your fast. I am preparing vegetable broth. You can take any vegetable to prepare your veg broth i.e peas, carrot, cauliflower, green bean etc In pan add all vegetables and add 3-4 glass of water BOIL THIS FOR 45 MIN You can prepare chicken broth, bone broth.

intermittent fasting

After 45 min ,filter the vegetables and collect the broth in bowl Let it cool down and then add salt, black pepper, spices, lemon etc and drink it empty stomach Add BLACK SALT in first meal you take while breaking your fast It may not seem tasty but guys i can bet that you gonna love this taste During fasting we are not able to resist our self for long. So i am having milk with protein powder along with 3 boiled potatoes Well you can simply eat boiled potato or you may add sauces, tomato, onion, cucumber, chutney, salt, pepper, spices,lemon etc into it In Indian culture ,we normally have boiled potato in out diet and we think that potato makes us fat Well, THAT IS NOT TRUE It is packed with lot of nutrients , antioxidants regulate blood sugar level Good for digestive health It is gluten free and very beneficial So if you eat anything in limit ,specially potato and having it without frying it.

Then it has lot of advantages Second option is bread omelette with lot of vegetables OR you can prepare Vegetable Dalia Its 4:00 and its time to snack You can have any fruit i.e apple, banana, mango, papaya, guava etc Take care that do not randomly pick fruits and eat. Properly cut all the fruits and put it in the bowl then sit and eat patiently We are tend to eat more when we eat impatiently After an hour its time to take meal I am taking TWO CHAPATI, LENTILS, VEGETABLES & CURD And i m adding 1 tsp GHEE in lentil It is very important to have healthy fat in our diet And if you have COW GHEE then that is the best option I am taking the left over broth vegetables as salad.

And do not waste these vegetables or use it in sandwich or dalia or any other recipe 8:00 PM should be the last timing of your meal So I am taking hot milk with one spoon TURMERIC ALSO HAVING 10 ALMONDS & 4 FIG You will have sound sleep after having this If we talk about fig it will improve your digestion During NON FASTING DAY I will start my day with healthy thing So am taking Luke warm water with 2 spoons of Apple cider vinegar ACV will help to lose fat and weight loss reduce cholestrol regulate blood sugar level and reduce symptoms of diabetes Now it is time to do workout And today is non fasting day so we can do hard core workout ,HIIT etc I have lot of workout videos on youtube where you can workout with me After workout i am having breakfast In breakfast I am taking Potato Stuffed Chapati And this is dry stuffed chapati without oil With stuffed chapati i am having curd , 1 cucumber , 1 Tomato Because fibre is very important for better digestion and over all health I love including Pickle in my diet.

And lot of people say that Pickle makes you fat becz it has salt and oil But we need to understand Why In Indian culture pickle is used ? Well it has lot of good properties It has pro biotic bacteria which improve our gut health BETTER THE GUT HEALTH, BETTER WILL BE THE HEALTH FASTER WILL BE THE WEIGHT LOSS Other options are Bread Sandwich with Milk Add lot of vegetables I am adding cottage cheese for healthy fat and protein Do not add sugar in milk Because when we add sugar in our diet on regular basis then we get used to it and tend to eat more So try in 15 DAYS challenge reduce sugar intake I can bet after 15 days you will no more be used to sugar And even small quantity will satisfy you Meal number 2 2 chapati, vegetables lentils and curd It is snack time at 5:00pm I am taking fruits along with 10 Almonds & 4 Fig During non fasting day take care that your last meal should be at or before 8:00 pm Because next day is your fasting day which will start at 8 pm from this day only So take care about your last meal , day before fasting Again I am taking 2 chapati, vegetable,lentils and salad That’s it guys for more such video then do not forget to COMMENT, SHARE & LIKE my videos and do comment below about changes in your body after 15 days Guys, you can follow me on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK And that’s it guys keep liking me and my videos BIE GUYS

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