1 Minute Weight Loss Calorie Losing, Weight Loss Workout - Leggings Are Pants
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1 Minute Weight Loss Calorie Losing, Weight Loss Workout

1 Minute Weight Loss Calorie Losing, Weight Loss Workout

Hi folks I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist at hanok physical therapy we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet in our opinion of course. Today we’re going to talk about one minute weight loss calorie losing weight loss workout.  Do this physical activity before a meal to decrease weight.  This isnt about weight loss pills, or miracle diets.  Its about easy to apply weight loss and weight management tips.

Every January, you know people are thinking about their new goals often times get the weight down and write every comment.  How to lose weight fast: scientific ways to drop fat. This is one of those quick little things that you can do that’s it’s not been hundred percent proven that it works, but it’s one of those little things that I want you to talk about.   Most people link obesity with food intake, and that is true.  But this trick will certainly help.  There’s some science behind it this is based on Tim Ferriss on alive becoming a big fan he he wrote the 4-hour workweek and he also wrote the 4-hour body.

How to naturally lose weight fast

Some books, yeah books and they’re big volumes like this and he’s got it’s just like the 4-hour body is just loaded with hints on how to lose weight or how to gain weight if you want to gain muscle mass. He’s a very type A type guy and he does look into the science and he does check with experts in the field all over.  This is one little thing you know I caught no love and I do practice it to some extent, and it did make a difference in my life.  Basically, what he’s saying is because they did a study on rats and they found out that if they put the rats through some intensity exercise, and then they checked their muscle and their body weight and fat afterwards.  If they’re looking at physiology on their physiology and they find out that if they if you do an exercise before and after a meal (could be very short) you actually have more of your what you call cells going into muscle rather than fat.  You’re having less fat deposited and you’re having more muscle built up.  It is a way of having less fat develop through your insulin.  We’re looking at a very short exercise, you don’t have to put your workout clothes or anything and then workout and change and go back and eat.  He would actually do his first exercise in the toilet stall in the bathroom because he was out to eat. When he goes out to eat, he’s doing air squats basically over the toilet right before he eats because he felt uncomfortable do it out in the restaurant.  Well I would say we’ll show you some other things too but I mean I started incorporating this and and you know the science was showing that they had to have the rats do it for like 280 seconds.  I think that was combined before and after but he’s thinking you could probably get by with less time.  We’ve got two exercises that you can do actually three exercises that you can do and it’s gonna take you about sixty seconds before you eat and then eat and then after eat you do it again and that’s it.  The worst thing that’s gonna happen is you’re gonna a little get a little workout before and after right and some of these actually have some other double benefits.

We’ll start out with there’s two options.  Bob’s gonna do one option depending on your age or your fitness level or your level of balance and strength, I’m gonna do a little bit more aggressive option.  Imagine your  supper table. you’ve got your meat, you’ve got your yogurt, you got salad all right there.  We are set to eat healthy and just before you go we’re simply gonna do SWAT squats and some push-ups.  Now bob is going to do push-ups off the countertop, and I’m gonna go to the floor.  We’re just gonna do five to ten push-ups right there by the supper table don’t worry about the kids, or the countertop… get the whole family involved.  This will get things deposited into muscle as opposed to deposited into fat.  I really like this because it’s very portable, I mean you could do that in the bathroom or you can impress your date yeah just do it right there in the restaurant. We’re working up posture and we’re working some large muscle groups in the back side and as therapists we like to really be complete with exercises.  I think this one completes everything for good posture working a lot of large muscle groups and there you go I just do it on one meal not do it on my my supper basically and it seems to have made a difference for me.

If Tim Ferriss does it (he just doesn’t make stuff up) then there is something to it.  You should look at his book too, you’ll get a lot of ideas on how to stay fit and to stay healthy.  So there you go, those exercises before you eat and then afterwards.  It’ll put two more minutes of activity into the meal and afterwards he said it just has to be within 90 minutes so you’ve got some time.  You don’t have to do it right away.

Science-backed ways to lose weight

Trying intermittent fasting
Tracking your diet and exercise
Eating mindfully
Eating protein for breakfast
Cutting back on sugar and refined carbohydrates
Eating plenty of fiber
Balancing gut bacteria
Getting a good night’s sleep

1 Minute Weight Loss Calorie Losing, Weight Loss Workout

Lose Weight Fast

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